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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully here you will find answers to your basic questions that have come up over the years. If you cannot find the answer here, on the website or on the Pechanga website please use the contact link to email directly.

Q: How does this all work with drill and stuff?

A: You will wake up in the morning and start getting ready. Ensure your uniform and attire is all together. Calculate the time to the event site giving yourself time to arrive, dress and check into the ball. Once you check in there will be a lobby area to take pictures, mingle with friends and find your seats. Once the doors open you will find your seat and sit down. There is an opening ceremony that includes the National Anthem and various other parts. Once the ceremony is over you will be served a dinner. After that we have a short closing ceremony, and you will be served dessert. Following that you are free to stay and hang out, dance, enjoy time with fellow Soldiers and leave when you are ready. There is no check out process except with your unit command.

Q: Am I getting paid IDT for the day?

A: Yes you are making 2 MUTA or a day of drill pay.

Q: What if I don't have ASU?

A: The units are attempting to get ASU for those not issued them. Tailoring will be on your own. Check the ASU guidance page for how to set them up and AR 670-1 for sewing guidelines. Most uniform shops will know how to tailor them but give them time to get it done! If your ASU does not fit anymore, unfortunately it was issued to you and you as a Soldier must maintain it. See the ASU Guidance page for more information on how to get new ones.

Q: If I am a female Soldier do I have to wear ASU?

A: No. The Battalion Commander has authorized Female Soldiers to wear ball gowns or ASU only.

Q: If my date is in another branch, can they wear their dress uniform?

A: Yes! We are happy to have any branch attend our Army National Guard Ball so they can see how awesome our Battalion is! Make sure to get them a Recruiters phone number, they will thank you later.

Q: What if something comes up? An emergency and I cannot attend?

A: Any emergencies or issues will be case by case and addressed through your chain of command. If you provide proof and command concurrence, we can request refunds on case-by-case basis.

Q: I am a vegetarian or I have food allergies. Do you have meals for me?

A: YES! We will ensure you have a full meal, and your needs are met. The price won't change.

Q: If I am retired, former member of the unit, or just really love you all, can I come too?

A: Yes you can. You just register at the appropriate Guest / Retired rate.

Q: For childcare what are the ages and how is that all working?

A: Check the Child Care page for more information.

Q: What if I cannot afford a ticket? If I ask for sponsorship, will it cover my date?

A: Look at the sponsorship page for more information. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate date sponsorship as it would take away from another Soldier being able to attend.

Q: What if I just don't want to attend the ball?

A: We highly encourage you to, as it is your appointed place of duty, really fun, great time with your fellow Soldiers and it will be a memory for a lifetime. If you're refusing to, you may be held as AWOL. We encourage you to talk with your leadership.

Q: I want to work the event rather than attend as a guest. Is that possible?

A: Yes, it is. There will be a very LIMITED number of working positions open for the ball. There are three teams of 5 troops. Team 1 is prior to the ball 1200-1700 hours helping to setup. Team 2 is during the ball 1630-2100 running check in and help booth. Team 3 is 2100-0000 hours assisting with cleanup. Please get command concurrence prior to asking for the position. There is no guarantee on time frame, but we will try and accommodate.

Q: Why are we having a ball?

A: Great question. The ball is a time-honored tradition dating back to the very start of military units. It is not only to celebrate your service, the service of your significant others and families but also to allow a fun night of building relationships and overall morale. Your continued service has helped more lives than you know and it's a way for the Command Staff to thank you as well as give you a night to remember forever. With upcoming ESAD missions and deployments, we want to take a night to celebrate you and our organization.

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