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578th Brigade Engineer Battalion Ball

Army Regulation (AR) 670-1


Use AR 670-1 to find appropriate guidance on the wear and use of the Army ASU uniform. Service members are expected to wear the full ASU uniform with correct insignia, awards, rank and fit properly during this event.

Mess Dress is authorized with "Black Tie" designation. Branch Colored Bow Ties are authorized by command of the Battalion Commander. 

Remember the public will see you so take the time to get your uniform correct.

This is a bow-tie event. If you do not have a bow-tie you may purchase one at

for $8.95 or any other authorized uniform dealer. *clip on bow-ties are NOT authorized

Ensure your uniform is clean and presentable. It is your responsibility to keep the uniform in perfect condition throughout the night’s events.

AGSU "Pinks and Greens" ARE authorized for wear. This is a recent approval following AR 670-1 in relation to the evening wear for the AGSU. 

Due to time of the event and bow-tie standard, headgear and unit shoulder insignia is not required.


Formal Attire for Civilians or Authorized Soldiers:

Dark Suit or Tuxedo with appropriate neck wear and shoes / Gown or Formal Female Attire.


Formal Attire for Civilian or Service member Females wishing to attend in Ball Gowns or evening wear:

Ensure any formal civilian wear is appropriate for a dress event. Cut off, torn or otherwise overly revealing attire is not authorized. Proper shoe wear is recommended for walking, dancing and dress affairs. For more information about proper Ball etiquette for a guest see the links to the side.

Uniforms NOT authorized:

There will be no wear of the ACU, OCP or APFU at the host site. In addition there is no mix match of any uniform. Ensure you follow AR 670-1 and if you have questions seek guidance by your supervisors or leadership.

Army Guide to ASUs

Good guide for guests proper attire

(Formal Wear) and Ball Etiquette

This link opens a PDF that will detail how to wear the insignia the 578th BEB is rated to wear, along with links on where to get them.

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