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Ball Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is to serve as guidance to the do’s and dont's of a military ball. Every situation may not apply but the general rule is:

Be on best behavior, keep your discipline and act with honor.

Key point is that you are in the public eye everywhere when or when not in uniform. Someone is always watching.

Any fighting, overly intoxicated state, harassment of any kind or UN-disciplined behavior will result in both military under UCMJ and civilian repercussions. Any issue that arises will be brought in front of the Battalion Commander immediately.

Ensure you are consistently checking yourself and comrades to ensure your uniform is proper and you are maintaining a positive image in the public eye.

  • Do not drink to excess.

  • Do not fight- verbally or physically.

  • Do not disrespect the uniform, civilians, leadership and or other service member’s and dates.

  • Do not conduct yourself inappropriately at any time.

  • Do not bring any weapons, drugs or other illegal items.

  • Do not remove uniform attire that violates AR 670-1.

  • Do not harass or otherwise disrupt hotel or casino guests and staff.

  • Do not allow another Soldier to do any of the above.


We are a team in the 578th BEB. Keep vigilance on each other and yourself during this event. Do not ruin it, or allow it to be ruined by yourself or another Soldier for the rest of the Battalion.


If you feel another Soldier, their date or your date or guest is, or can become too intoxicated to function or drive, escort them to the Hotel desk and ask for a room for the Troop.


Due to the location it is heavily monitored by Law Enforcement Officers.

Pool, Café, Restaurants and Bars all have dress codes and may deny service to anyone that exhibits disruptive behavior.


UBER / LYFT and Taxis are available.

The responsibility for you and your

    guests is yours alone.

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